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2017 A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Moving from 2017 into 2018
It is hard to believe another year has come and gone. The old cliché’ is true – where does the time go? As we say goodbye to 2017 and await 2018 to arrive, there are many things to look back on as we begin our business year-end preparations and forward-looking to the year ahead. Industry best-practices tell us to have in place certain things throughout the year to help with your business “year-end” duties and we at Shabro are here to help you whether you have these in place, or not.

Here are a few key things to review for year-end 2017:

  • Tax Preparation: Do you have a “system” in place such as bookkeeping to help account for everything on a month-to-month basis? Dealing with day-to-day expenditures, cashflow, asset / liability management, contribution plans and so on can be a herculean task to say the least. Keep in mind that most of your business expenses are deductible; we just need to make sure they are properly identified and accounted for.
  • Business Planning: How was 2017? How were your monthly report cards (P&Ls) and what course modifications were needed along the way? Do you have “S.M.A.R.T.” goals established and the results-oriented vison of achieving these goals “sold” to your team – and buy-in? It’s true you “can’t expect what you can’t or won’t inspect” so, what’s your plan?
  • Employee / Staffing: Do you have a “Secession Planning” system in place? It is said the most valuable asset of any organization is their human capital. Your people are a huge investment of emotional and financial capital. Let’s be sure you’re right-staffed and have all hands on-deck to best serve your customers and handle the day-to-day minutia of what matters most to keep moving your business forward.
  • Facility Maintenance: This isn’t just about having the toilet in good working order or the coffee station stocked. Whether you have a brick and mortar location or do all of your business online or a combination of online and office space; it is important to make sure your physical first impressions are top-notch, and your place of operation is well organized, stocked and capable of maintaining standards throughout the year.
  • Operational Excellence: From the “janitor to the CEO”, clients see everything and draw their own conclusions. Today, this happens at breakneck speeds and client perceptions are your reality. How is your “money-phone” handled. Something as “simple” as properly answering the phone and converting phone calls into appointments, estimates or closing deals begins and ends with proper phone skills. Is it answered within 3 rings? Could a new caller “see and feel” you and your staff smile on the phone? Who’s answering the phone? Are they skilled to convert? Are your vehicles presented with cleanliness and proper identification such as signage or wraps? Do you have your key processes, policies and procedures documented and reviewed regularly? Do you have “Positional Results Descriptions” (better than job descriptions) in place so your staff knows what end-result is desired IF they perform their “jobs” correctly? The list of items that fall under “Operational Excellence” is long but understanding what matters most and when and having a plan to get there will help any business small or large within their competitive landscape as they compete vigorously on a daily basis!

Yes, end of year is upon us and it can be stressful, BUT this is where Shabro can help. We offer many solution-driven services designed to help you wear fewer hats and feel less pressured month-to-month. IF we can help you be where you need to be more often and with higher effectiveness then we feel we have earned our keep – and your business!

Please visit the home page of our information-packed website and you will find some more detailed and useful information pertaining to year-end tax preparation we hope you may benefit from.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your organization’s HR, Bookkeeping or Payroll needs – please feel free to contact us today.
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