Why Your Business Needs an Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

It can be an exciting time for a business when it grows to the point where employees need to be hired.

Usually, when a small business is just starting up, the business owner is the person answering phones and doing just about everything.

A new employee will help with the work load so that the owner will have time to continue growing their business.

Beside all of the rules and regulations that accompany starting a business, there are also legal obligations that come with having employees.

Although not required by law, it is a good idea to have an employee handbook or operations manual created so that your employees will understand what you expect of them and they will know what to expect from your company.

There are a variety of reason why an employee handbook is good for your business.

An employee handbook is a great way to communicate with your employees and an efficient way to start them off on the right foot as your workplace policies
and procedures will be well documented and crystal clear from the beginning.

Give each of your employees a copy of your employee handbook and have them sign an acknowledgement that they have received and read the book.

If an employee ever challenges you in court, you will be able to prove that they were aware of your workplace rules.

An employee handbook can actually motivate your employees.   Along with polices on dress code and sick leave, you can also add information about promotions, bonus’ and raises so your employees will know how their hard work can pay off in the future.

Implementing an employee handbook can help you deal with problem employees as they will be aware of proper conduct and discipline actions if they display inappropriate behavior.

ShaBro Alternative Office Solutions operational manual writing services will help to create unique and tailored business process documentation and operations manuals for your business.

This will clearly stipulate all that is required from your employees and help with edifying the rules of the company in a coherent and standardized manner.