Hiring the Wrong Employee Can Destroy your Workplace Culture

People Working

Every business’ environment has a culture (characteristics of a work environment). A workplace culture includes many aspects of a business including its management style, business values, physical environment, employee and management attitudes, behaviors and dress code.

There are many advantages to having a good workplace culture as it keeps everyone on the same page and helps increase productivity as employees know the company’s goals, they are more loyal, feel like they are part of a work family and feel invested in the company.

A business’ workplace culture becomes part of the company brand plus employees like working for a company with a culture that fits their personality and lifestyle.

You don’t actually see “a workplace culture” but they are unwritten and unspoken rules for how a group of people work together.

Consider your workplace culture when you are ready to hire a new employee.

Just because a particular candidate may posses the skills to do the job doesn’t mean that they will “fit into” your company’s workplace culture.

When you have established employees in your company and you bring in someone new, if this new person does do not fit into your workplace culture, it can be distracting for your current employees and the new person never becomes part of the team.

The team concept can start to disintegrate as communication breaks down, resentments start to build and work becomes less enjoyable for all employees.

A great way to try to avoid personality conflicts and to keep your business’ workplace culture intact is to implement personality testing as one of the first steps in the interviewing process. Personalty testing will reveal traits a person has that may be positive or negative and this can help you to decide if a new employee has a personality the will fit within your company’s current workplace culture.

Cleaning up the mess after firing an employee that doesn’t work out is much harder than taking the steps necessary to prevent a hiring mistake.

Shabro Alternative Office Solutions will help you with the interview process. We will conduct a computerized personality test for your potential candidates and provide you with a report of the results within 24 to 48 hours.