How Do You Feel About Hiring and Firing Employees?

Employees Talking

Have you ever had one of these days?

It’s Monday morning and you’ve prepared your office, workplace or store for the rush of happy new customers to come through your door. TODAY is going to be a great day! The phones are ringing and the place is buzzing – UNTIL…

Once again one of your employees, (Robert) has called in “sick”. This is now becoming an issue. It seems Robert keeps suffering from weekend-itis (had too much Saturday and Sunday which carried over into Monday). So, what seems to be the problem? The interview went well. He read and signed the employee handbook (what, you don’t have one!?). He seems to work well when he’s at work – but – a couple of your other employees are starting to complain. The problem is they aren’t complaining to you – they are complaining among themselves.

Does this sound familiar?

There are many things an employer must deal with when it comes to managing others. Your employees ARE your most valuable asset and payroll expenditures do indeed account for a large part of your operation. So, how do you keep Robert on the job and accountable? How do you keep other employees from talking among themselves while they are watching Robert “get away” with his obvious bad behavior?

This is where we need to have a “ShaBro Talk”…

Here are 2 quick tips to deal with Robert according to ShaBro:

  1. Yes – you NEED an employee handbook, a job description and a Policies & Procedures manual. After the interview; you thought you made a “good hire”. Robert interviewed well and met the requirements otherwise you wouldn’t have hired him. Setting the stage early with these very important tools will save you from problems later on…
  2. Address “bad behavior” early by having a “Progressive Discipline” system in place and this will help correct bad behavior as well as prevent (good) employees from getting discouraged and complaining among themselves.

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