3 Easy Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Reduce Turnover

Well, it’s official! Season is here and, as a Southwest Florida small business owner, you likely feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Busy days and late nights can result in very high levels of stress for any entrepreneur. That being said, its important to be cognizant of the fact that it’s not just you, the small business owner, who is feeling the pressure of this hectic time of year: your employees do too!

That’s why it’s especially important during this time of year to ensure that employee morale does not drop; after all, the last thing you need is to lose one of your best employees as the result of a decrease in morale. In this blog post we will discuss 3 easy ways to help keep your employees happy, productive and loving their jobs.

Foster an Environment That Encourages the Free Flow of Ideas

Every employee wants to feel like they are a valued part of the team, and nothing alienates a staff member as much as a workplace culture that does not encourage the free flow of ideas; or worse yet, one in which employees are reluctant (and, in some extreme cases, ever fearful) of bringing up new ideas to management.

To truly get the most out of your staff, it is absolutely essential to give them a real opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback, without fear of reprisal by management. This can be as simple as implementing an employee suggestion box or encouraging feedback via email; regardless of how you do it, ensuring your employees feel they have a voice in the company will do wonders for reducing employee turnover and improving morale.

Show That You Care

In addition to feeling valued professionally, study after study affirms the fact that when an employee feels their boss genuinely cares about them, on a personal level, productivity and morale soars! There are countless simple and cost-effective ways of doing this, such as:

  • Recognize and celebrate every staff members’ birthday
  • Take time out of your schedule to have non-work-related one-on-one meetings, to catch-up on what’s going on in each employee’s life outside of work
  • Surprise your team with a free lunch
  • Invite employees to join you for happy hour

Promote from Within

Most average employees are, for the most part, content with where they are. Yes, they certainly may expect a raise every year or so, but beyond that, many people are perfectly fine with punching-in, punching-out, going home and cashing their paycheck.

However, extraordinary employees tend to be quite a bit more ambitious. They strongly desire the opportunity to move up and grow within your company; and if they are not provided with such opportunities, their morale will drop significantly. This is especially problematic as most extraordinary employees are natural leaders whose opinions can carry great weight amongst their peers, meaning the drop in their own personal morale could potentially drag down that of the rest of your staff members as well. And worse yet, if an extraordinary employee feels as if they have no opportunity to advance within your organization, they will more than likely move on to greener pastures. By promoting from within, you will demonstrate that you are committed to providing your staff with the chance to be upwardly mobile and grow with the company.

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