Are you a Bookkeeper or a Rainmaker?

May I ask you a very honest question? Are you a bookkeeper or are you a “rainmaker”? You’re the owner of a small business or in a key position to decide who does your bookkeeping; so, why would any small business attempt to do their own bookkeeping? We often hear “how hard can it be?” OR “I can save a few hundred dollars and do it myself”. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this because, intuitively, as business-people, we often perceive we can do it all or learn it all. Of course, as a bookkeeping specialist, my question is quite rhetorical – you are a rainmaker, not a bookkeeper.

A rainmaker is someone who “makes it rain” within their organization. Most often this is the face of the company initially such as the business owner. Time and opportunity costs are hard to measure so the safest bet is to make the best use of your time to get yourself or key selling personnel in front of good prospects meanwhile tasks such as bookkeeping are best assigned to specialists.

Bookkeeping is an acquired skill with a flair for numbers and a good bookkeeper can see your numbers dancing on paper. Trust and acumen go hand-in-hand when selecting a bookkeeper. An even better bookkeeper will tell you exactly what you need to do to develop the best outcomes for your tax preparation. And the best bookkeepers will not waver from the best-practices and “how they get the job done” for you month after month after month.

When your business retains a great bookkeeper, you will notice a few things will become very apparent. First, you will quickly realize this is a task left to us number-crunchers. Next, your time will quickly be reallocated to making it rain! You will also know your numbers as you never did before. You will have better tools to plan forecasts for the future or make needed course corrections financially. Finally, you will be able to work more closely with your CPA, Accountant or Tax-planner so you can hopefully be in a better position to lower your tax liabilities for your business.

At Shabro Alternative Office Solutions, our staff is addicted to numbers. We love bookkeeping. You may begin this journey with boxes and boxes of receipts, credit card statements and bank statements and that’s OK! After we get you straightened out, set-up your Quickbooks and get a few months under your belt, you will wonder why you ever thought you could (or should) be a bookkeeper when you really are a rainmaker!

When you are ready to make it rain, leave the bookkeeping to us so you can do what you do best! Call us at (239) 437-3016 to schedule your complimentary consultation in our office to learn more about our bookkeeping, HR (human resource) and payroll services.

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