Preparing Your Business for the Upcoming Season

The dog days of summer are rapidly coming to a close…for Southwest Florida business owners that means it’s time to gear up for the upcoming season.

Is your small business prepared to handle all of the snowbirds that will be flocking in?

If you answered with anything less than a confident and resounding, “YES!”, here are ways you can maximize your business’s earning potential during the seasonal sales peak…


One of the most important things you can do to prepare your small business for the upcoming seasonal surge is to thoroughly analyze your financial reports from the previous 3 years and identify seasonal trends.

Every small business is unique; as such, seasonality will inevitably impact every small business differently. Doing your research will allow you to gain better insight into how seasonality impacts each aspect of your business. Start by reviewing your sales data and identifying what your busiest days and hottest sellers were historically. Use this data to plan-out your staffing needs and inventory-acquisition accordingly, thus ensuring that you have the manpower and inventory to meet demand.

Although this may seem tedious, understanding how the ebb and flow of seasonal visitors affected your business in years prior is vital to successfully preparing yourself for the future.


We all know how hectic things can get in the middle of the busy season, that is why it is of paramount importance that you utilize the summer offseason efficiently. Take this downtime as an opportunity to accomplish everything that you know you will not have the time to do in peak season when business is booming.

Make improvements to your property, grow your business through networking or attend an industry-related conference…whatever you do, do NOT just sit idly by and wait for the return of peak season.


To truly maximize your business’s earning potential during the busy season, it is essential to get your brand’s message out PRIOR to its arrival. Email marketing and targeted social media campaigns are both great ways to preemptively engage with your customers; giving you a chance to re-connect with past patrons, build your brand awareness and nurture new relationships.

At ShaBro Office Solutions we are always here for you, through EVERY season, because we want you to focus on what you do best, growing your business…and let ShaBro handle the rest!

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