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The Business Climate is Heating Up!

Friday, April 20th, 2018

Recruiting New Employee

What is the number one issue facing small business “TODAY”?

Over the past several years the concerns of small business have migrated from “small-business regulation” to “taxation” to “how am I going to find good help?!?!?!?!”. Polling from the Gallop group from Q4 2016 through 2017 and into 2018 firmly shows small business optimism is increasing, revenues are increasing and quarterly outlooks are increasingly more optimistic BUT – the number one issue at hand is and will predictably continue to be “how to find good help?”

Let’s discuss something that can and will help you find “good help” as the business climate is heating up. This is a great time to find ways to maximize opportunities afforded small businesses during improving economic times but without the staff to deliver your services to the consumer you could find yourself behind the 8-ball…

Active Recruiting

You and all others within your company should adopt the practice of “always being in recruiting mode”. This practice is called “Active Recruiting”. It cannot be emphasized enough that the best people are already working. If you are forecasting growth for the future, then it is paramount to become increasingly aware of when you see good service providers around you. Pay particular attention to your competition if they wear logo apparel while out shopping or parked next to you somewhere in their marked vehicles. Strike up the following simple yet effective conversation and then LISTEN very closely to their responses:

1) “Hi, I see you work with for a/an ____________________ company; do you enjoy your line of work?”
**** IF they respond they really like or love their work then ask…

2) “What do you enjoy most about ________________ type of work?”
**** Listen to what they say especially if it is customer / client-centered and then do the following as you ask them…

3) While handing them your business card say this and then ask them:
“My name is Robert, I own / work at _______________ company and we are always interested in adding good talent to our team. Would you consider a conversation looking into an opportunity to work with us doing what you like/love doing?”

This approach is predicated on only one thing – YOU believe your company can indeed offer the same or better work-environment this prospective new employee can work within especially if they are telling you they love their work BUT may be interested in looking elsewhere. You also need to keep in mind that pay / money is NOT the number one reason why employees look elsewhere or would respond favorably to your recruitment.

The conversation happens fast. It is wholesome and emboldens you and your staff to be proud of what you and your company have to offer. You are projecting that you and your company have a good work-environment and are (also) customer / client focused as they are. If you have comparable pay, benefits and training and all the other “things” reasonably expected to be in place, then your new “active recruiting” technique will come off as a natural conversation. This conversation moves fast and will literally take only 2 minutes! Be prepared to discover the positive results you and your staff will discover as a result of learning and implementing this technique.

In a heated business climate, the business with the best staff “wins”. Finding good help is difficult. The best people are already working. Traditional job-searching platforms can be expensive. Learning this simple yet effective skill can help you find your next new-hire and you initially met them out in the real world by way of a real conversation.

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