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WHY Should Your Company Have Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedures?

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Employee Discipline

Our last article scratched the surface on the world of “hiring and firing” and how most employers genuinely struggle with this. It is long and well-established that your employees are indeed your most valuable “asset” and you have invested tremendous effort, resources (and money) into attracting, developing, managing and retaining them because everyone knows the costs associated with replacing employees far outweighs retaining them. In this article, we will discuss “Progressive Discipline” …

To Discipline or not to Discipline Your Employees – that is the Question!

Sigh… or is that really the question? Maybe the first question to ask should be “WHY should employees be disciplined?” OK, now you may be wondering “HOW do you discipline employees?” OK, now you may be wondering – well, this has always been a very frustrating topic of discussion for employers from across the employment spectrum…

THIS is the REAL question to ask:

Does my company have best-in-class protocols that include the policies and procedures needed to ensure management can effectively discipline employees to correct behaviors that would otherwise result in negative consequences for our organization?

If you answered “YES” then what you should ask next is:

How long has it been since we revisited our “best-in-class” protocols?

(We can help UPDATE your protocols)

If you answered “NO” then what you should ask next is:

How can I put in place best-in-class protocols so we can minimize the impact from behaviors that can result in negative consequences for my company?

(We can help CREATE your protocols)

Introduction to “Progressive Discipline”:

Although the term “Progressive Discipline” is not new to ShaBro Office Solutions (SOS) or the HR world; from my experience, it is new to most small to medium-sized businesses. Even if you have heard about this you may not be clear on the “WHY” behind having such policies in place much less “HOW” to get there.

First, let’s take a quick look at the main purpose (the WHY) behind having a “Progressive Discipline” set of protocols within your company no matter your size or industry…

Purpose – WHY you need Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedures:

YOUR organization’s progressive discipline policy and procedures should be designed to provide a fair and consistent structured corrective action process to improve and prevent a recurrence of undesirable employee behavior and performance issues. It must be designed to be consistent with your organizational values, human resource (HR) best practices as well as state and federal employment laws.

Q. What are some common benefits associated with effective Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedures?

1) Increased employee productivity
2) Improved customer satisfaction and retention
3) Less exposure to costly litigation
4) Improved employee morale
5) Less employee turn-over
6) You may sleep better at night knowing management and employees have a fair and consistent protocol in place so everyone can focus on “doing the right things, at the right times for the right reasons”!

Q. What are some common problems associated if you do not have effective Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedures?

1) Simply consider the opposite of ANY benefit outlined above and I believe you have a clearer picture on the benefits and perhaps together we may work toward steering clear of the problems that keep many of you awake at night!

I hope you enjoyed the article. Should you have any questions or concerns about your organization’s HR, Bookkeeping or Payroll needs – please feel free to contact us today.

You’ll be glad you did!