Non-Profit Administration

Nonprofit organizations face significant challenges in hiring the human-talent that is skilled, experienced, qualified, and affordable. Contact ShaBro today to speak with us about our non-profit administration services to help you lower overhead and have more dollars to spend on fulfilling your organization’s mission.

  • Is your nonprofit using your mission statement as a filter for an effective decision-making strategy?
  • Is the nonprofit management issue stemming from the lack of ability to say “no”?
  • How could a potential decision impact your nonprofit organization short term? Long term?
  • Is your nonprofit organization committed to its mission and vision?
  • Is your nonprofit’s mission clear to all internal and external stakeholders (are there loopholes?)
  • Has your nonprofit developed an internal decision-making guideline?

Our team is highly qualified in Strategic Administration, Non-Profit Accounting and Staff & Volunteer Management with an average nonprofit tenure of 15 years. We know how to communicate with board members and what information they need to make informed decisions about the direction of your organization.